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My passion for Solo Travel

September 6, 2014

My story -  I had a 30 year career in corporate America. During that time I had the opportunity to travel internationally and to work cross culturally.  In my spare time I did as much traveling as I could.

I loved the excitement of going somewhere new and I still do. Experience brought me a unique sense of comfort traveling on my own.  

Solo travel makes visiting places as a local more likely.  I love to travel at my own pace and when nice opportunities come about, the decision to accept...

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Solo Travel Broaden's One's Vision

September 11, 2014

Walking near the shore is an opportunity for self reflection and fully absorbing the surroundings. The question I raise is "Would this have happened to me if I was deep in conversation with another?" 

Here is the link to the story published in The Stratford Star on Sept 18th,  Hamlet Hub on Sept 19th and the link to the TV coverage on Sept 12th.  In November, the story published on the Coca-Cola Website.

Stratford Star 

Hamlet Hub

WTNH Channel 8 News recap-sept-12 (1 min 12 seconds into...

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Be a Solo Traveler in Your Own Town

September 14, 2014

This "backyard adventure" was sparked by a question and comment from my hair dresser, Laurie, "Have you been to the new Farmers Market in the Town Green?.  I hear it's really good" 

Laurie lives quite a distant away from her Stratford, CT salon and the Farmer's Market is scheduled for her day off and so the fact that she raised this topic was intriguing. 

The market location moved across town and each week this summer, I made an excuse not to go there. But now having this tip, off I went...

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Yes, You can Visit the Big E Solo

September 19, 2014

For years I’ve thought about visiting the Big E, the largest fair in the East held in each September in West Springfield Mass. On 2014 Connecticut day I woke up and decided to head there.

On this day of leisure, I wanted to let things happen naturally and so I took a wayfaring approach with a few priorities - to be in some of my photos, exhibits and events that focused on animals, agriculture, states exhibits, the parade and musical performances.

I was stunned on how easy it was to strike...

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Travel Solo for the Weekend - The Berkshires, Massachusetts

September 22, 2014

I’ve traveled the world, but never to the Berkshires in Massachusetts and so I let a concert in Tanglewood and the Food and Wine Extravaganza be my reason to spend a weekend away.

How did I pull this off and how did it go? Here’s how I handled the key challenges on this trip and what I learned.

Challenge 1 - Hotels were on the pricey side.
I decided to try Airbnb. I found an affordable room in Pittsfield in the home of two realtors and from the description and photos provided my gut told me...

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